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Which Are the Central Aspects of Infant Sleep? The Dynamics of Sleep Composites across Infancy
Schoch S, Huber R, Kohler M, Kurth S, 2020, Sensors
Actigraphy in sleep research with infants and young children: current practices and future benefits of standardized reporting
Schoch S, Kurth S*, Werner H*  *Shared last authorship
2020, J Sleep Res
Characterization of overnight slow wave slope changes across development in an age-, amplitude-, and region-dependent manner.
Jaramillo V, Volk C, Maric A, Furrer M, Fattinger S, Kurth S, Lustenberger C, Huber R
2020, SLEEP
Sleep EEG slow wave activity in medicated and unmedicated children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Furrer M, Jaramillo V, Volk C, Ringli M, Aellen R, Wehrle FM, Pugin F, Kurth S, Brandeis D, Schmid M, Jenni O, Huber R
2019, Translational Psychiatry
The experience-dependent increase in deep sleep activity is reduced in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Furrer M, Ringli M, Kurth S, Brandeis D, Jenni O, Huber R
2019, Sleep Medicine
Endocrine responses during CPAP-withdrawal in obstructive sleep apnoea: data from two randomized controlled trials
Thiel S, Haile SR, Peitzsch M, Schwarz E, Sievi N, Kurth S, Beuschlein F, Kohler M, Gaisl T
2019, Thorax
A simple sleep EEG marker in childhood predicts brain myelin 3.5 years later
LeBourgeois M, Dean D, Deoni S, Kohler M, Kurth S
2019, NeuroImage
Actimetry in infant sleep research: an approach to facilitate comparability
Schoch S, Jenni O, Kohler M, Kurth S
2019, SLEEP
Openly accessible analysis codes:
Across-night dynamics in traveling slow waves throughout childhood.
Schoch S, Riedner B, Deoni S, Huber R, LeBourgeois M, Kurth S
2018, SLEEP
How do children fall asleep? A high-density EEG study of slow waves in the transition from wake to sleep.
Spiess M, Bernardi G, Kurth S, Wehrle F, Ringli M, Jenni OG, Huber R
2018, NeuroImage
Theta waves in children’s waking electroencephalogram resemble local aspects of sleep during wakefulness
Fattinger S, Kurth S, Ringli M, Jenni O, Huber R
2017, Scientific Reports
Travelling slow oscillations during sleep – a marker of brain connectivity in childhood.
Kurth S, Riedner B, Dean DC, O’Muircheartaigh J, Huber R, Jenni OG, Deoni SC, LeBourgeois MK
2017, SLEEP
Chronic social stress leads to altered sleep homeostasis in mice.
Olini N, Rothfuchs I, Azzinnari D, Pryce CR*, Kurth S*, Huber R* *Shared last authorship
2017, Behav Brain Res
High-density electroencephalographic recordings during sleep in children and adolescents with acquired brain injury.
Mouthon A, Meyer-Heim A, Kurth S, Ringli M, Pugin F, Van Hedel HJA, Huber R
2017, Neurorehabil Neural Repair
Acute Sleep Restriction Increases Dietary Intake in Preschool-Age Children. 
Mullins E, Miller AL, Cherian SS, Lumeng JC, Wright KP, Kurth S, LeBourgeois MK
2017, J Sleep Res
Increased sleep depth in developing neural networks: new insights from sleep restriction in children.
Kurth S, Dean DC, Achermann P, O’Muircheartaigh J, Huber R, Deoni SC, LeBourgeois MK
2016, Front Hum Neurosci
Development of nap neurophysiology: preliminary insights into sleep regulation in early childhood. 
Kurth S, Lassonde JM, Pierpoint LA, Rusterholz T, Jenni OG, McClain IJ, Achermann P, LeBourgeois, MK
2016, J Sleep Res
Sleep moderates the association between response inhibition and self-regulation in early childhood.
Schumacher A, Miller A, Watamura SE, Kurth S, Lassonde J, LeBourgeois MK
2016, J Clin Child Adolesc Psychol
Developmental changes in sleep spindle characteristics and sigma power across early childhood.  
McClain IJ, Lustenberger C, Achermann P, Lassonde J, Kurth S*, LeBourgeois MK* *Shared last authorship
2016, Neural Plast
Sleep physiology in toddlers: effects of missing a nap on subsequent night sleep. 
Lassonde JM, Rusterholz T, Kurth S, Schumacher AM, Achermann P, LeBourgeois MK
2016, Neurobiol Sleep Circ Rhythms
Developmental trajectories of EEG sleep slow wave activity as a marker for motor skill development during adolescence: a pilot study. 
Lustenberger C, Mouthon AL, Tesler N, Kurth S, Ringli M, Buchmann A, Jenni OG, Huber R
2016, Dev Psychobiol
High-density electroencephalographic recordings during sleep in children with disorders of consciousness. 
Mouthon A, Van Hedel HJA, Meyer-Heim A, Kurth S, Ringli M, Pugin F, Huber R
2016, NeuroImage-Clin
Topography of slow sigma power during sleep is associated with processing speed in preschool children.  
Doucette M*, Kurth S*, Chevalier N, Munakata Y, LeBourgeois MK  * Shared first authorship
2015, Brain Sciences
Caffeine consuming children and adolescents show altered sleep behavior and deep sleep. 
Aepli A*, Kurth S*, Tesler N, Jenni OG, Huber R  * Shared first authorship
2015, Brain Sciences
Myelination is associated with processing speed in early childhood: preliminary insights. 
Chevalier N, Kurth S, Doucette MR, Wiseheart M, Deoni SC, Dean DC, O’Muircheartaigh J, Blackwell KA, Munakata Y, LeBourgeois MK
2015, PLoS One
Sleep slow-wave activity reveals developmental changes in experience-dependent plasticity.
Wilhelm I, Kurth S, Ringli M, Mouthon AL, Buchmann A, Geiger A, Jenni OG, Huber R
2014, J Neurosci
Spike wave location and density disturb sleep slow waves in patients with CSWS (continuous spike waves during sleep). 
Bölsterli Heinzle BK, Fattinger S, Kurth S, LeBourgeois MK, Ringli M, Bast T, Critelli H, Schmitt B, Huber R
2014, Epilepsia
Development of brain EEG connectivity across early childhood: does sleep play a role? 
Kurth S, Achermann P, Rusterholz T, LeBourgeois MK
2013, Brain Sciences
The sleep EEG topography in children and adolescents shows sex differences in language areas. 
Ringli M*, Kurth S*, Huber R, Jenni OG   * Shared first authorship
2013, Int J Psychophysiol
The effects of caffeine on sleep and maturational markers in the rat. 
Olini N, Kurth S, Huber R
2013, PLoS One
Topography of sleep slow wave activity in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Ringli M, Souissi S, Kurth S, Brandeis D, Jenni OG, Huber R
2013, Cortex
Mapping the electrophysiological marker of sleep depth reveals skill maturation in children and adolescents.
Kurth S, Ringli M, LeBourgeois MK, Geiger A, Buchmann A, Jenni OG, Huber R
2012, NeuroImage
Sleep electroencephalography topography and children’s intellectual ability. 
Geiger A, Huber R, Kurth S, Ringli M, Achermann P, Jenni OG
2012, Neuroreport
Anatomical markers of sleep slow wave activity derived from structural magnetic resonance images. 
Buchmann A, Kurth S, Ringli M, Geiger A, Jenni OG, Huber R
2011, J Sleep Res
EEG sleep slow-wave activity as a mirror of cortical maturation.
Buchmann A, Ringli M, Kurth S, Schaerer M, Geiger A, Jenni OG, Huber R
2011, Cereb Cortex
The sleep EEG as a marker of intellectual ability in school age children.
Geiger A, Huber R, Kurth S, Ringli M, Jenni OG, Achermann P
2011, Sleep
Characteristics of sleep slow waves in children and adolescents. 
Kurth S, Jenni OG, Riedner BA, Tononi G, Carskadon MA, Huber R
2010, Sleep
Mapping of Cortical Activity in the First Two Decades of Life: A High-Density Sleep Electroencephalogram Study.
Kurth S, Ringli M, Geiger A, LeBourgeois MK, Jenni OG, Huber R
2010, J Neurosci, Cover Article
Spatio-temporal properties of sleep slow waves and implications for development
Timofeev I, Schoch S, LeBourgeois M, Huber R, Riedner B, Kurth S 
Invited Review
2020, Current Opinion in Physiology/ Physiology of Sleep
Sleep and early cortical development.  
Kurth S, Olini N, Huber R, LeBourgeois MK
2015, Current Sleep Medicine Reports
Sleep Slow Oscillations and Cortical Maturation. 
Kurth S, Huber R
2012, Sleep and Brain Activity Ed Frank, M; Elsevier; ISBN: 9780123849953


Up-to-date publication list:

Experiment Lockdown: Auch in Sachen Schlaf, Alma & Georges, Online Magazine de l’Université de Fribourg (2020, Article, Deutsch) 

Kinder schlafen anders, Universitas, Magazine de l’Université de Fribourg (2020, Article, Deutsch) 

Kinder schlafen anders, Université de Fribourg (2020, Communiqué de Presse, Deutsch)

Le sommeil des enfants est différent du nôtre, Université de Fribourg (2020, Communiqué de Presse, Français)
Schafen wie ein Baby, ETH Magazine « Polykum » (2018, Article, Deutsch)
Developing brain regions in children hardest hit by sleep deprivation, Université Zürich (2016, Communiqué de Presse, English/ Deutsch)
Beta Test: Another reason why kids need sleep, Colorado Public Radio (2014, Interview, English)

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